Thursday, October 14, 2010

ITSM Weekly the Podcast (Week30) - Guest Speaker: Juan Torres

Social Media is changing the game for enterprises.  It's not different for the CIO's.  CIO"s have been asked to deploy internal and external portals that engaging and sharing of information for collaborative efforts.  After months of research we come back to the business with a 6 figure proposal and 6 month timeline.  The business reposnse - "can't we do this on Facebook now".  That my friends is game changing.  The thought of employees sharing information on facebook.  Information like, "hey what's that link for time sheet entry?".  "Yo, do you remember how to log in to the system again".  How do you like those status updates going out to the social world.  Think CIO's don't have to pay attention to new media environments and technology... think again.

This week we have on our show Juan Torres.  Juan runs the help desk for Ohio Dominican University.  He helps bring to light the reality of supporting the next generation of business community IT has to prepare to support.
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Special Guest:  Juan Torres
Series:  ITSM and Higher Education
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