Thursday, October 14, 2010

ITSM Weekly the Podcast (Week31) - Guest Speaker: Pam Carter aka Dr. Pam

In 2009 I had the unique pleasure of attending the Academic Summit at the ITSMF Fusion09 Event in Dallas. The event included a ITSM Simulation by the folks at G2G3 and really brought to light the difference between teaching and doing.  It was great to see the professors struggle between concept and application, just like the rest of us do.  After the simulations my colleagues and I were given an opportunity to sit in on the  presentations of the professors on how they are bringing ITSM and ITIL into the classroom.  It was really great to hear the strategies, however, one person stood out in particular to me.  Dr. Pam Carter, Associate Proffesor of Management at North Carolina AT&T State University, had an approach that really hit home.  With a predominant number of the students coming from families whose parents were not involved with white collar workers, their ideas and concepts of the business world were very foreign to reality.  To translate that into the ITSM world was a real challenge.  By utiliizing analogies that the children could really grasp on to, she was able to connect with the value of ITSM principles and disciplines.

Listen to this weeks episode, certain to be one that goes down in ITSMWP History, as Dr. Pam, as we have come to affectionately call her, builds our appreciation for the words "Cultural Change".
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Agriculture, Historically Black and ITSM
What happens when a CIO, a Service Desk Manager and an Industry Junkie Chat Weekly?!
Special Guest:  Dr. Pam Carter
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