Thursday, April 22, 2010

ITSM Weekly the Podcast (Week11)

WOW what a privelege and a treat this weeks podcast.

Malcolm Fry, "founding father" of ITIL as he is known in the industry was our special guest.

Malcolm's insight and inspiration is truly fantastic, and it was a real treat to have him on the show.  He introduces to us "ITIL Light".  Which to be honest, I thought was going be just a chopped approach to ITIL.  Leave out the meaningful stuff and focus on the easy bits.

Well I was wrong.  (enjoy this comment while it lasts, as I'll be deleting it from history)

His approach seems not only logical, but productive.  Though I still questions the CMS phasing and starting point, it really is something I believe any shop no matter their size or level of maturity can start to undertake.

I look forward to finishing the book and sharing it's value with others.

Show Notes by the man Chris Dancy Here:

Thanks again to Matt Beran for his amazing audio editing.

ITSM Weekly The Podcast (Week 11) from ServiceSphere on Vimeo.

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