Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ITSM Weekly the Podcast (Week21) - Guest Speaker: Stevie Chambers & Ken Gonzalez

The Bad Taste of ITIL

In this weeks episode we talk to some who have tried ITIL, but frankly didn't like the taste.  ITIL to them lacked the ability to bring the outcome they desired.  To Stevie Chambers, ITIL doesn't go deep enough into the technology infrastructure, thus practioners are left to guess or "make-up" best practices for managing their environments, read more on his blog ViewYonder.com.  For Ken Gonzalez ITIL doesn't go wide enough into the enterprise, leaving the starting points of business interaction to chance, Ken's blog can be found on EngagedConsulting.com

These are not uncommon feelings and expressions in the ITSM community.  

Enjoy listening and learning on this topic to get some great perspectives. 
Show notes are here at the source of all that is ITSM site on the web:

Week 21 Topics:  Episode 3231 

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