Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ITSM Weekly the Podcast (Week27) Special Guest: Patrick Bolger

Being the spokesperson for a Service Desk tool is not an enviable position in my mind at all.  In fact it's probably one of the worst functional areas I would want to support.  It's flooded by vendors, it's selling to a cost focused market place, and it's level of expectation for results is ridiculous.  Unless, your vision and product is game changing, and your are a bullish marketer.  This week we had the pleasure of having on Patrick Bolger, an acquaintance I've come to know through sponsoring at ITSMF and Pink Elephant over the past 5 to 6 years.  My first introduction to Patrick was a continued lesson in never underestimating who you are meeting.  Patrick, in his gruff voice approached me as I went to his booth, "what's ehh ahh Vigilant do?".  Figuring he was a booth bouncer, I said "oh we implement ITSM solutions."  The standard "you wouldn't really know what I'm talking about if I told you".  Then like a sucker punch, Patrick started to unleash on me a vision of  service management and forward thinking I hadn't seen in the industry, especially from a tool vendor.  Long before ITIL V3, Patrick was talking about life-cycles and maturity mapping, integrating strategic vision into tactical execution.  I sat for over an hour punch drunk at the wealth of knowledge from a guy who looked like he just stepped out of the WWE.  That's a compliment Patrick, please don't hurt me. :)

Moral of the story:  Never underestimate the talent in the exhibit halls.  Ask questions, take time to learn, and don't be afraid to say "show me what you got" that's what they are there for.

Enjoy this great episode with Patrick, and thanks again to his company: for sponsoring.

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