Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ITSM Weekly the Podcast (Week25) Special Guest: Ivanka Menken

I have so much respect for people who have the guts to start a business.  Having started several myself, I know all too well the pain and struggle it takes to take your vision and passion, wrap structure and profit around it and make it successfull.  The Art of Service's CEO Ivanka Menken joins us on the podcast this week.  Beyond being a successful business women, Ivanka is a highly sought after IT trainer, an author, blogger, twitter personality, and a bundle of energy to boot.   
You are going to love this weeks podcast.
Show notes here:

ITSM Weekly The Podcast (Week 25) from ServiceSphere on Vimeo.

Show Hosts:
Christopher Dancy
Matt Beran
Matthew Hooper 
Special Guest 1: - Ivanka Menken
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Week 25 Topics:
■Hornbill You Choose
■Ivanka Menken
■The Ivanka Interview
■Hooray for Menkenwood
■The Art of Service
■What advice would you give a young woman today?
■Hoop throws down the TRUTH between a MANs answer and a womans.
■Marriage statistics
■Roman Polanski
■The Ivanka Twitter
■My Hero List
■What is EO?
■Can I get a witness?
HDI Minnesota
Global Internet Speeds
Hornbill You Choose
■Roy Atkinson and #custserv Tuesdays
■Connect, Learn, Grow itSMF Podcast
■Hoopers Tuesday Nights
■Roy Atkinson on Twitter
■Live Stream with Google Wave
■ITSM Tools, where are the LIST of Service Desk Tools and Others??
■Novell My CMDB
■Open Source ITSM Tool: OTRS
■Tag Bubble for your Help Desk ( Wordle)
■Beran Stikes again
■The only text you need in a close ticket email
■Get Glue
■Free yourself from chatter
■Hoops Tool Preview
■Future Social Media Stream
■LinkedIn Needs a Meet The Fockers Button
■Ivanka LinkedIn BEST practices
■The Burning Bed
■The ITIL Experience v1
■Become an author for v2 “The ITIL Experience”
■Fusion 2010 (Meet Ivanka there)

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