Monday, November 8, 2010

ITSM Weekly the Podcast (Week33) - Guest Speaker: Kevin More

In my last blog post I spoke about the human element of actions.  This becomes ever so much more prevalent when your corporation works with deviations from societal norms.  In my life I have worked for almost every type of corporation, marketing, sales, insurance, finance, hospitals, snack goods, education, engineering...  There is a few I haven't worked in by choice, but not many.  The actions of showing up at a desk, walking into a meeting, presenting a topic, evaluating a report, have all been relatively the same for me.  My strength has been FCAPS Fault, Capacity, Availability, Performance, Security, and Change management.  However, my experience for everyone of those actions has been completely different.  FCAPS management to be truly proactive you must understand the business.  What does that mean?  What do the people in the business do, and how do they do it?  You must observe the culture, understand the patterns.  For instance, my first work assignment in insurance I took the opportunity to evaluate when desks would clear out at the end of the day.  I noticed typically around 4pm employees were heading out and by 5pm it was fairly empty.  So before ever running my first system utilization report, I already head the suspicion that between 2-4pm the system was at high-load.  Lifestyle was a cultural element, and sports moms' and dads wanted to be home for 6pm practice. When evaluating network and system traffic, I was spot on. 2-4pm heavy usage.  So I then took that data and evaluated the load testing strategy.  Just as you would have suspected, a ramp load to an avg steady stay for 6 hours and then down again.  In other words, the simulation was emulating traffic and load based on a work-day schedule, not a cultural behavior or pattern.  So what am I getting at?   KNOW YOUR BUSINESS.

This week our special guest is a colleague of mine from Boston SIM, Kevin More.  Kevin is a very impressive proffesional, not just cause he is technical, a savvy business person, or has an iPad.  (Though I am jealous of his iPad).  It's because he knows his business.  He understands what his culture does, how they perform actions, and even more importantly WHY they do it.  Listen in as Kevin More, CIO of May Institute, discusses the delivery of IT services for an organization dedicated behavioral health and development of children and adults with brain dysfunctions and autism.

Enjoy this weeks episode with our special guest Kevin More.

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Special Guest:  Kevin More

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