Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ITSM Weekly the Podcast (Week13) - Guest Speaker: Michael Cote' from Redmonk

Cote' who?

Don't feel "like you are living under a rock".  I didn't know who he was either.  However, 10 minutes into this podcast it quickly became apparent, THIS GUY IS DIFFERENT.  His perspective, energy, passion, just streams out in our discussion with this weeks guest speaker: Michael Cote'

Coté is an analyst at RedMonk covering enterprise software, specializing in systems management, application development, collaborative, and social software.Before Redmonk, Coté worked at BMC developing the BMC Performance Manager family of enterprise systems management products. As aBefore starting his RedMonk weblog,, he shared much of his experience on his weblog and in his weekly podcasts.

If I were Gartner or Forrester I would definitely be worried about the approach the folks at RedMonk are taking.  CIO's and Marketing executive's like myself are hungry for a real perspective on products, and people like Michael Cote' are delivering just what we need.  Real info from real people.

I'm now a fan, and not just because he joined us on our podcast :).

More great show notes from Chris Dancy here:
Thanks as always to our producer at large Matt Beran  (our modern day Sally Jesse Ralphael)

Listen Now:

ITSM Weekly The Podcast (Week 13) from ServiceSphere on Vimeo.

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